Since MOPA is an online academy, email is the main mode of communication between trainees and academy. Recognizing this fact, MOPA has created a helpdesk for all enrolled trainees which will be the only email ID they need remember for all their needs:

[email protected]

Whatever issue you wish addressed the Help Desk is the primary point of contact you should send your mail to.

The Helpdesk will be manned by multiple officers in shifts so that we can clear all your queries quickly and efficiently.

The Help Desk will either answer your questions or direct them to the appropriate member, so please refrain from sending emails to specific Academy staff. Your emails will not be answered if they are not sent through the Help Desk. At the same time emails sent to the Help Desk will be answered very promptly Insha Allah.

Before asking any question, please check carefully if this question has been answered on the FAQ page.

When writing an email to the Help Desk:

  • Make a clear, specific Subject line and mention your student ID along with it.
  • Make your communications concise and meaningful. Less is more!
  • Send separate emails for unrelated topics. They may need to go to different staff members.
  • Be reasonable in allowing time for answering your question. It may require some follow up. We promise it will be handled expediently.
  • Include your full name and Student ID at the end of every message.
  • Send emails only through the email ID with which you are registered at MOPA.