The Course is made available to the students on the first day of the term.

The Course Material consists of

  • Course Text in PDF. This is the basic text/s used for the tests. Supplementary reading books are not usually provided though we are working towards doing so in the near future.
  • Recorded Sessions (Video) of actual classes taught. We recommend that the students watch the Video at least once so as to get a near classroom experience.
  • Live Sessions conducted according to schedule provided. These are live sessions with the MOPA Instructors. The session will give the students the chance to ask any questions they may have. Trainees should take advantage of this great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the material they have covered.

Study Path

  1. The Course consists of 93 Recorded Sessions.
  2. The trainee should first read and watch the study material of Module 1.
  3. When the trainee has thoroughly mastered Module 1 he or she should then proceed to the Module 1 Test.


The tests follow the multiple choice format.

After completing the Module 1 Test, the student should then proceed to Module 2 and follow the same procedure as for Module 1 till the end of the course.

Trainees should not access the Modules out of order. All trainees activity on the modules is recorded with date, time and number of hours spent on the various activities. Accessing sessions out of order will confuse the grading of the trainee’s performance. Overall grades of the course will be affected by a deduction due to accessing modules out of order.

Trainees should regularly attend the Live Sessions conducted.

Projects should be submitted on or before their respective deadlines.