1. We value the views of those who use the Academy’s services and who come into contact with us. We are continually trying to improve what we do and we therefore welcome and encourage feedback and complaints and comments as part of our commitment to ensuring high quality and standards.
  2. This procedure sets out how any complaint against the Academy should be made and dealt with.
  3. A complaint is often best resolved informally, and at the time it arises. If you have a complaint, you should therefore raise it initially with the Help Desk ([email protected]). Complainants should normally expect to receive a response to a complaint raised informally within 10 working days of the Academy receiving it.
  4. If you do not know who to raise your complaint with informally, or if you have done so and if you are still dissatisfied or if you think it is not appropriate to raise it informally, you should make a formal complaint in writing.
    It would help us if you would give as much information as possible about your complaint. You should include your name, student number and email contact, copies of any relevant documents, details of any previous attempts to resolve the matter and what you believe should reasonably be done to settle it.
  5. We will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 5 working days of receipt.
  6. Your complaint will be investigated by an appropriate manager who will respond in writing. We expect to be able to respond within twenty working days of our acknowledgement.
  7. When we respond we will let you know any remedy we can offer and notify you of any improvements made as a result of your complaint.
  8. If for any reason we cannot respond within the time limits stated in this policy, we will tell you why and when we expect that we will be able to respond.
  9. An annual report will be submitted to the Academy Senior Management Team on the nature of service user complaints and their outcomes, with a view to the promotion of accountability and improvement in the Academy’s services.