About Us

The ‘Messengers of Peace Academy’ (MOPA) was launched in 2013 by eDialogue Center (www.edialoguec.com), based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What is eDialogue Center?


We seek to be an exemplary global organization introducing Islam via the internet.


A Pioneering Academy preparing callers to Islam, from around the world, using the latest educational technology and training methods, providing regular and distant learning courses, using modern academic standards.

Our Message

We are a global non-profit organisation which aims to introduce Islam to internet users through a dialogue with non-Muslims, taking care of new converts, and training callers to Islam. This will be accomplished by investing human resources and committing to high standards of professional ethics.

Our Core Values

Like any other organisation seeking institutional excellence, we have formulated what is determined as the ethics of our team members at eDialogue Center:

  • Honesty in delivering the message of Islam.
  • Commitment in working to serve Islam.
  • Cooperation with everyone in order to introduce Islam.
  • Respect of all communities and individuals.
  • Taking the initiative to utilise new technology and the Internet to serve Islam.

What is MOPA?

The Messengers of Peace Academy is one of the projects of eDialogue Center. The purpose of the academy is to train prospective callers (dā’īs) on the essential skills and knowledge required to engage in da’wah successfully.

The Messenger of Peace Online Academy aims to offer a rich, challenging and engaging curriculum specifically tailored for a Muslim wanting to engage in da’wah, and will be delivered in high quality online lessons. Our goal is to create a global community of trained and certified Muslim du’āt (callers), that are connected by technology and dedicated to inviting people of all faiths or none, to Islam, thereby laying the foundation for their success in this life and the hereafter.

The academy will use cutting-edge technology that enables individualized learning to happen anytime, anywhere with specialized world renowned instructors who acts as learning coaches, monitoring the intellectual and personal development, of each trainee.

Trainees will be able to download the training modules and study in their own home. They will then take the tests provided and receive a certificate when they complete the project work.


“Who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah, does righteous deeds and says
indeed I am among the Muslims.” [Qur’an; 41: 33]

Da’wah plays a crucial role in the life of a believer. The best words that a Muslim can speak are words of guidance, inviting people to the purpose of their creation; the worship of Allah. This being the case, the rewards for giving da‘wah are tremendous and multifold. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Whoever directs someone to do good will gain the same reward as the one who does good.” [Sahih Muslim]

Presently, there is an immense desire for people to learn about Islam. Information about Islam provided by most media channels is inaccurate, bias and poorly researched. This has encouraged some Muslims to take to the streets and explain their religion to others.

Muslims are passionate and eager to invite others to Islam, but very few have gone through a detailed da’wah training program. The consequences of the lack of training results in reluctance and lack of confidence to engage in da’wah and also the potential of making severe mistakes in the delivery of the message.

The foremost quality that the dā‘ī (caller) should have is that of knowledge. One must have sound knowledge of what one is inviting others to. If the Muslim missionary is ignorant, his message will appear weak and incapable of withstanding close scrutiny.

Hence the need for an accredited robust and comprehensive da’wah training program delivered by reputable scholars and dā’īs (callers) from around the world.