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What is my student ID? How can I find my student ID?

The student ID is displayed in the ‘My course’ page. You should also have received it in the email that acknowledged your registration.

Am I allowed to share my user name and password?

No, you are not allowed to do so and the Academy will take strong action against the person found doing it. Your access to the learning area is an Amānah (trust) with you. You should not give the login details to anyone else for any reason.

What are the documents are required by the MOPA Admissions Office, in order to complete the admission process?

Required documents to be sent by email:

a. Photocopy of photo ID (e.g. passport). If you do not have a passport, you may submit any other official ID that has your photo on it (e.g., national Identity card, driving license, etc.)

b. Any official document which includes your current home address (e.g. Utilities bill).

c. A recent colour passport size photograph.

d. How and to whom should I report the errors?

If you face any error in the module tests or in the course study material(s), or face technical issues, please report please write to the trainee helpdesk at: Please wait for 2 days for the helpdesk to respond.

What if I forget my password? Can it be reset?

We advise students to keep the username and password save. But in case you forget the password please try report to asking to reset your password.

Can I register now and get enrolled in the next batch?

No, registration for each batch has to be done in the allotted time.

I dropped the present batch completely due to some personal reasons by informing the MOPA administration and would like to continue my studies later, Insha Allah. What is the procedure to restart my studies with the next batch?

You just need to make an enrolment request. Enrolment instructions will be announced before the batch begins, Insha Allah.

What is the pass mark for a course?

The minimum requirement for a student to successfully complete the course is 60% marks which includes the project work score. If a student scores 60% in the course without attempting the project work then he/she will be given a fail grade because the course will not be considered as completed without the project work.

Which software(s) would I need to read the e-books?

Course text materials are provided in PDF Format (file name is .pdf). You can download the software from here.

What is the time frame given for completing the modules' tests?

All module tests must be completed before moving to the next module. Please see the Events Schedule of the course for the exact dates. It is highly recommended that you keep your pace and complete them on regularly.

How many attempts do I have for the module tests?

You will have only one attempt, so do take them seriously and attempt them only after studying the modules properly.

In case I don’t complete some modules or fail to the project work, will I have to complete the missed modules or to take the whole course again from the beginning?

You will have to do the whole course again from the beginning.

What are the criterion for having my module test reset?

Module test reset can be applied for the following reasons only:

  1. Internet Connection Failure
  2. Power failure.
  3. Server Error
  4. Technical issue as hanging up of personal computer.

Please do not apply for reset apart from the above mentioned reasons. In case the question is unclear or you have any objections, kindly email to the trainee help desk.

Are the trainees allowed to share the module test questions/answers through emails, forums, facebook, notes, etc.?

MOPA policy is that trainees should not share module test questions/answers amongst themselves. The violation of this policy is actually “cheating” and the Academy will take strong action against those trainees found doing this in any way or form.

I am unable to enter the live session class. It says the following plug-in has crashed: shockwave flash. What to do now?

This is a flash error. Please close your browser and then open it again. If that doesn’t works then try using another browser.

How would I know when a live session is going to be held?

The live session schedule will be made available here and trainees will be informed.

Are all module tests multiple choice questions (MCQs)?

Yes. All tests are MCQs.

Are there any special precautions I need to take before the module test?

Yes. Before you start, make sure that:

  • You have sufficient time to do the test. Once started, the timer cannot be paused.
  • A good internet connection is must. Please do not start a test if the connection is poor.
  • Your area is not scheduled for a power outage (in countries where this is frequent)
  • Except the one in which you are doing your test, Close all other windows and tabs on your browser and computer.
  • Except your security application, no other application is accessing the internet at that time and none of your applications (Windows, Anti-virus software, etc.,) is due for an update within that time frame.

What is the da’wah project mandatory requirement?

All trainees are required to produce 3 da’wah projects. The projected may be carried out at a local center, school, organization, on the streets or online, etc. and focusses on introducing people to Islam. Female students, who cannot participate in outside-the-home activities, as well as those with disabilities, will fulfill their projects online and demonstrate the MOPA acquired knowledge in a suitable way.

What is the purpose of the da’wah project requirement?

The aims of MOPA for its students is not only to acquire knowledge but also put their knowledge into action. The da’wah projects will give trainees on the job training, and the opportunity to analyze the society critically, learn and reflect through meaningful tasks, and apply the knowledge acquired from the academy. Throughout the process they will be guided by highly qualified dā’īs who will act as mentors.

Is it mandatory to do the da’wah projects? What if I don't perform it?

Yes, a minimum of 3 da’wah projects are mandatory.

Which time zone is used to announce the times of upcoming events ?

All times are Saudi times unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Saudi time is GMT+3.

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